Just looking

Photography feels like something that has always been in my life in one form or another, even before I ever picked up a camera.

Cycles in life are common, especially for photographers. At present, I use only film cameras - apart from my iPhone - mainly 35mm, and also some medium format. 35mm rangefinders are a passion, especially the Contax G's, a go-to for many situations, although there is an inherent beauty in larger negatives.

The workflow varies: from pure film, to a combination of film and scanning to digital. Apart from occasional cropping, minor colour balance and the inevitable spotting, there is no digital manipulation. The photographs that I return to most often are the ones where it was all captured on the negative 'in the moment'. A strange term that: 'in the moment', when every moment is soaked through with memory, anticipation, effects from causes in the past and (some might even say) effects from causes in the future. The older I get, the less certain it is what 'in the moment' even means.

Leicester Lo-Fi Photography are a great support.

My family a constant inspiration.